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我们提供准确的服务,指定的质量,干净的包装,准时交货。 – 工厂生产,清洁包装,小心货物装运到运输船上,节省货物到运输现场的运输。 我们整个冷冻的鸡肉是专门屠杀伊斯兰教(HALAL)和国际要求的。 我们所有的货物运送到交付港口都经过完整的定制审批政策,对所有保险的货物进行了质量检查并且保险单。 鸡肉部分 冷冻全鸡 冷冻鸡脚 冷冻鸡爪 4.冷冻鸡胸肉 5.冷冻鸡腿大腿 冷冻鸡肉棒 冷冻鸡腿数字 8.冷冻鸡翅 9.鸡肉酱 10.鸡肝 11.无皮鸡肉片,以及所有其他鸡肉部分 详细说明: – 清洗干净。 – 没有黄色皮肤。 – 没有羽毛。 – 没有不好的气味 – 没有血。 – 没有瘀伤 – 没有黑色的垫。 – 没有雕刻深伤痕迹。 – 没有氨燃烧。 – 破骨:3%以下。 – 含水量:小于1%。 – 排水:0〜-5℃8小时。 – 爆炸:-40°C。 – 储存温度:-18°C – 100%新鲜和冷冻 安全为人类消费 仓储,运输和运输系统。 存放在寒冷的房间,以便早日派遣或冻结,并根据需要进行存储 装载在冷藏托盘中,每个托盘包含1MT / 1000kg。 我们的包装方法,保护产品免受污染,损害和水分流失 和微生物的腐败 根据客户的要求, 产品:加工级“A”冷冻鸡脚和爪子 质量:甲级 平均体重:40-60克/件 平均脚长:12 – 18厘米/片 爪的平均重量:35 -60克/件 爪的平均长度:10 – 15厘米/片 尺寸:35-65克 规格 外观要求: 清洁 没有羽毛 没有气味 没血 没有黑色的垫 没有瘀伤 无化学烧伤 断骨少于3% 水分小于1% 鸡脚垫保留而不损坏 冷冻要求: 爆炸在-40℃冷冻 储存于-18℃ 有关更多详细信息,请联系我们以获得特定客人

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​Top 10 Main Export Market:

– Direct Chicken Export To China
– Direct Chicken Export To Hong Kong
– Direct Chicken Export To Canada
– Direct Chicken Export To Europe
– Direct Chicken Export To America
– Direct Chicken Export To Japan
– Direct Chicken Export To South Korea
– Direct Chicken Export To Thailand
– Direct Chicken Export To Singapor

​Brazil takes its halal production very seriously. For Jalal Jamel J. Cha- ya, president of the Brazil-Iraq Cham- ber of Commerce, halal slaughter is a fundamental purchase requirement and absolutely central to the sales success of Brazilian chicken. “With- out halal slaughter, there would be no deal. Brazilian chicken meat is ap- preciated all over the Middle East be-

halal and there is no other chicken in the world better suited to the tastes and interests of their customers.”

ABEF represents companies ex- porting 94% of all Brazilian chicken sold abroad, and it has 33 member companies. of those, no less than 30 use halal slaughter procedures. This constitutes a competitive advantage for Brazilian producers who started

​Brazilian poultry producers know that Muslim consumers are very de- manding: they pay careful attention to the appearance of the chicken (its color, texture and consistency) and note the sanitary and microbiological characteristics of the product. How- ever, rst of all they make sure that the meat was produced according to Halal requirements.

​Brazilian exporters are well aware of this. Over the course of 35 years selling to the Middle East, they have developed speci c products for a wide variety of Muslim markets. In the beginning, they sold the region just whole frozen chickens, but later started selling special cuts and pro- cessed meat.

Today, according to Tamer Man- sur, manager of Prime Foods, 90% of meat exported to Arab markets is in the form of whole chickens, known as grillers, weighing between 0.9 and 1.3 kilos and slaughtered after ap- proximately 29 days. This is younger and of course smaller than the tradi- tional whole chicken, which weighs around 2 kilos and slaughtered at 45 days, that is consumed in other parts of the world.

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